Car car collided late at night highway, car two people died-solid converter

Car and truck collided at night at high speed intersection, the car two people died 7 days later, Xiang Xiang District North High Speed junction to the ancient direction about 1 kilometers, a car collided with a truck, although by local public security, fire rescue, two people still died on the car. According to the introduction, 11:10 that night, the two cars to travel to the accident section suddenly collided, truck driver fortunately, but he found the car two people were injured, trapped, hurriedly alarm. After the alarm, Xiang state traffic police, Xiang state fire squadron, 120 departments quickly rushed to the scene rescue. I saw the car cross the road in front has been severely deformed, two injured remain unconscious, with multiple blood body, glass and car parts scattered on the ground. Traffic police immediately set up cordon, the implementation of temporary traffic control, traffic diversion. Fire officers observed two injured legs and waist was stuck in the cab, unable to move, they will be two cars after the separation, the expansion tool immediately with the cab, assist with crowbar. More than 20 minutes later, two injured were rescued, unfortunately, 120 medical personnel confirmed by the scene, two people have no signs of life. According to the preliminary investigation, the deceased was a man and a woman, one was Xiang Zhou, and the other was Shiyan. At present, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation.

轿车货车深夜高速路口相撞 轿车上两人不幸身亡   7日晚,襄州区襄北高速路口往古驿方向约1公里处,一辆轿车与一辆货车相撞,虽经当地公安、消防施救,轿车上的两人仍不幸身亡。   据介绍,当晚11时10分,两车对向行驶至事故路段时突然相撞,货车司机幸无大碍,但他发现轿车上两人受伤被困,急忙报警。   接警后,襄州交警、襄州消防中队、120等部门迅速赶赴现场施救。只见轿车横在路中,车头已严重变形,两名伤者昏迷不醒,身上有多处血迹,玻璃渣和汽车零部件散落一地。   交警立即设置警戒线,实施临时交通管制,疏导交通。   消防官兵观察发现,两名伤者的腿部和腰部被卡在驾驶室内,无法动弹,他们将两车分离后,立即用工具扩张驾驶室,用撬杠协助。   20多分钟后,两名伤者被救出,遗憾的是经现场120医护人员证实,两人已无生命体征。   据初步调查,死者为一男一女,一位是襄州人,一位是十堰人。目前,事故具体原因正在调查中。相关的主题文章:

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