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In late autumn, Jishou delicacy – I love Sohu in Jishou, the most intense feelings are there national characteristics, both mysterious and strange, many minorities here in harmony with the family life, they stick to the traditional customs and aesthetic taste, or simple, or wearing gorgeous costumes to love; to be with the earthy accent shouted a voice of folk songs; morning and sunset, in the pre cooking cooked spicy and sour Diaojiaolou, let people slobber delicacies! When you are eating into their world, the appearance is not tall on the food, let you eye-opening at the same time, maybe it will open another part of your taste buds! NO.1 he appetizer 7 years ago, because I was a sour radish love Hunan, so to Jishou, I’ll find the restaurant full of sour radish, into a restaurant are not let go. This is Xiangxi one of the most unusual appetizers, white radish slices with short time curing, the taste is very fresh and crisp, eliminate its spicy radish choking, remaining sour taste, can also according to their own preferences with spicy oil. In fact, they are also used in addition to radish cabbage, cabbage, cucumber, bamboo shoots and so on to head the Guangxi hot and sour pickled, and it is the same Vegetable & Fruit! NO.2 dedicated to the guests Jishou Jishou old old bacon bacon a table, immediately aroused the audience of people cheering. Hunan said that forthright, see from this dish old bacon can slice, square blocks, choose the best marbled pork, not vague, golden color is translucent, a look will know that this is a fine piece of bacon old farmhouse! Good taste and flavor of the meat, it is also a level slightly chewy meat; meat taste strong, slightly salty with sun drying shallow taste; fat part was removed most of the oil, not greasy, mixed with the meat to eat together, but more plump and gorgeous! Dip a little spicy oil, it is more overbearing! NO.3 crisp spicy stir fried small fish Jishou people like to eat fish, there are a variety of small fish, shrimp, add green pepper and ginger, stir the fire, fragrant! Use chopsticks to crisp the skin gently lifted, thus revealing a fresh white fish, fish and soft, eat up is not trivial! NO.4 peach shrimp challenge your guts peach shrimp is another specialty dishes in the Miao flavor, this worm – like peach shrimp live in water streams. Each blossom season in Dong River, Wan Rong River, always see a waist collapse creel and portable triangulation of the Miao people fishing shrimp peach. Usually slow drying, fried, is a good food to entertain guests. First, thought it was a worm, crustily skin of head with eyes closed and taste one, actually feel good, dry wok incense, did not imagine the horror, and suitable for the present! NO.5 strange piece of Miao people love love rice and hot taste, many dishes are spicy and sour, very appetizing! For example, the glutinous rice and block is used to entertain guests in the Home Dishes. Very elegant, fine selection of glutinous rice, crushed into powder, mixing the average red pepper wash chopped, a little cool clean spring water, made into pills or tablets!相关的主题文章:

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