Before and after the foot divorce is a plot Friends that Julie Depp learned a great relationship

Before and after the foot divorce is a plot? A friend that Julie Depp very deep relations Brad · (Brad Pitt); Peter and Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) recently saw two broken marriage divorce, shocked all walks of life, resulting a variety of rumors. Now more people that behind the "guidance" Julie divorce, in May of this year with the same tender wife make divorce trouble on the news pages "from the people", actor Johnny · Depp (Johnny Depp). Peter and Julie divorce about domestic violence, alcoholism, infidelity, call hemp and other scandals, 2 people for child custody of official decorum, people feel the couple has become the recollection, the lovers from Former friends become enemies with each other. reminiscent of drama, the end of May this year, also due to divorce of ugliness Johnny · Depp and tender wife. The results will now have comeforward broke the news, said Julie and Depp not only sharing same lawyer, has consulted with the divorce, so he is likely to give the woman a divorce behind many of the comments, alluding to the relationship of 2 people a lot. According to the "mirror" reported that friends mentioned Julie and Depp because of "color" in the movie cooperation friends, in the shooting after work still keep in touch, and in the period of Depp and his wife divorce, 2 people interact more. Although there is no evidence to prove that they have a good friendship, whether it has an impact on Pitt, Julie divorce, but the friend said ambiguous and Julie can not go back, I do not know what she and the development of what will be the development of Depp Jopit."相关的主题文章:

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