Beautiful red every day look different, stumped customs officers…-mide-031

Beautiful red every day look different, "stumped customs officers… Xing Xiaoyao sun shine, according to Taiwan media reports, the model Xing Xiaoyao (Xing Yao) has a hot body, recently because magic makeup techniques become micro-blog red burst topic character! Her usual acting style big steps, often without scruple makeup live, PO passport, but once a good makeup, looks like a different person, and often looks quite the same, even their own ridicule is "lose face", causing heated discussion. Xing Xiaoyao often share makeup teaching at micro-blog, the micro-blog share fun airport, revealed that after the end of makeup and passport is too much difference, when questioned "how different", and was a staff of 2 block check for a long time. I did not expect, and later found that she is one of the "Xing Xiaoyao on the network," he said to his colleagues: "let her go, she is not the same every day……" Make me cry. In fact, although Xing Xiaoyao is good at make-up techniques, but often generous PO real makeup photos, as long as the retouching will own up to now, even the open weight is 57 kg, don’t care about destroying their own image, so quickly attract a large number of fans. Users have to laugh, "Lao Xing as make-up cosmetic, this is the make-up? It is the substitution "and" who want to hit the face who hit the face ", but also give praise to her true nature.相关的主题文章:

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