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Annie Yi sun Caesarean wound back as not to recognize American physician Annie Yi social website screenshot Phoenix Entertainment News according to Taiwan media reports, Annie Yi in the United States Losangeles Caesarean female "rice" in June this year, but in August for readmission for purulent wound debridement surgery, she also accused the American physician delivered without the consent of the mother and daughter photo spread. Yesterday, the doctor Li Duantang issued a statement through the U.S. lawyer, denied the allegations. Annie Yi routinely do not respond to media, as expected in the face of the book with the reduction of things through, write a great deal about, even at the most intimate ulcer. Annie Yi social networking site screenshot, Annie Yi wrote: "thanks to the doctor’s assistant Miss Xu has been to help communicate, this is the entire wound after the treatment of the diagnosis of the process of examination, the doctor knows the wound split? Is there any private anti-inflammatory medicine for me? Did I check in on time? Originally did not want to pester, after it had been, after all, the rice is very cute, can heal all wounds, but it has been a period of time, but has also been clearly innuendo, leaving many voice, record, why let events more embarrassing to further prove the problem? I would give it all to a lawyer in Losangeles, but I really don’t want to waste time, the elderly two surgeries have been hard enough, I just want to take care of the baby. And lenient wherever it is possible. In second days the United States will go to the hospital to check, and cash to pay all expenses, including the wound beauty needle for additional advice, without any discount, because the trust directly paid in full, if required will be provided to the lawyer paid invoice." Annie Yi early before the woman had wound infection (map) she was attached from 9 days after surgery, with the physician assistant dialogue and wound photos, photos can clearly see the wound dehiscence thriller picture, also referred to the Lee and her daughter photo outflow question content. She is also another article that stolen photos, "on the pictures with the physician in the delivery room, the physician with a nurse in said will photo, I never met with doctors in the hospital was requested to take pictures, please inform your doctor specially keep not rumor, I found that this picture has become a pile of recommendation the United States has physician advertising, Hippa method, strict requirements can not be leakage of patient privacy, this photo contains my rice Mr. holding, it is not the adult baby, doctors at the same time, my husband and I violated the privacy of minors in infants. I will send the advertisement to the doctor’s assistant, ask for deletion, and put on the doctor’s letter of apology. Some fans suggested that Annie Yi should be forwarded to the Losangeles side of the mother’s face book group, do not let more women become victims; some people want to calm Annie Yi, take care of the good, the majority of users feel that she had to clarify the privacy of the open wound naked really hard. According to Dr. Li Duantang’s friend Mr. Wang said that after the incident in Annie Yi, due to the influence of Iraq in the face of micro-blog and books, Dr. Lee did encounter many Chinese mothers questioned.相关的主题文章:

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