An interview with Korean director Zhang law tens of millions of investment will put me to death (vid govos

An interview with Korean director Zhang law: tens of millions of investment will put me to death [Abstract] "domestic filmmakers say what are the tens of millions, scared me, are large, it was only five years old, I will become very small, you know? Shrink into it, feeling a little too dare to speak." In an interview with the "Pearl" director Zhang Lv: in Chinese, a law career in South Korea debut at the Busan Film Festival opening film "dream" conference (picture CFP) Tencent Busan entertainment group reported (Wen Zhangmu Qin Fuqiang camera) "shoot" Pearl "how much money?" Even the full circulation of 1 million 500 thousand yuan propaganda." In the Movie Palace of the visiting room, director Zhang said to us that this figure, he rubbed his hand, feel a little embarrassed". The total investment amounted to only 1 million 500 thousand of the "dream" is the opening film at the Busan Film Festival, although the title let people fall into a reverie but this black and white movie, but it is essentially a humorous and absurd reality comedy, around three different characters of loser and their common love women. This absurd comedy is in the period of rapid increase Yili Korean actress Han 0 paycheck starred in the film, while the male who, by the three South Korean director free play. Many in the audience after watching film, have given the low cost film four or five star high. "Pearl" poster work in South Korea Chinese director, is also the hometown of country in the mainland audience, a law is a very strange name. However, with the name of Jia Zhangke, Lou Ye and other directors, has appeared several times in Venice, Cannes and many other well-known international film festival list. Someone commented that he is a star of the world ", his works always focus on the edge of the characters and the edge area, such as Yanbian doumanjiang, or in South korea. His films are often in a calm atmosphere, containing the absurd and infinite Oriental flavor. More importantly, he directed the film, often with Chinese elements. Such as "Pearl" in Han Yili, from Yanbian to South Korea to find his father. "" the Gyeongju professor is teaching at Peking University and married Chinese wife of South Koreans, and Shin Min A as the teahouse hostess, is a descendant of Confucius. This has a deep connection with the background of Zhang’s law. A law is Chinese Korean, born and grew up in Yanbian, his grandfather with his father emigrated from South Korea, a small law time, listen to the parents speak most of the story is "there" thing, such as their home how, the ripe persimmon…… The descendants of immigrants have the scars and feelings in this family are. In 80s, a law after graduating from the Yanbian University, has been the favorite of his headmaster in school, "the law of a longing for the outside world" was "questioned" the principal: "the outside world is so wonderful, why should I do school teacher?" The China is in the transitional era of the president to a law amidst the winds of change, the answer is: if you stay in school safety. The Chinese Department of Yanbian University, Professor Zhang, but Zhang did not teach the book, which is a special form of the era. So after a few years, he does not love to teach or out of school, did not learn the film, the growth process and also missed!相关的主题文章:

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