An Anti Bullying Campaign Can Provide Optimism For Those Who Have Suffered From

Reference-and-Education As well as the problem of bullying being tackled in schools through group discussions and workshops with students, guidance counselors and teachers, an anti bullying campaign is also being staged amongst famous personalities and the parents of those who have been victimized. An anti bullying campaign can be integrated into schools by the use of inventive and original ideas to make sure everyone within the school environment is aware that bullying will not be put up with. This could be by way of an anti bullying band with a slogan to stop bullying or one of many other related sentiments. Each year most schools distribute agenda books defining the undertaking of the school and its rules and regulations about expected behavior, and this would be an ideal opportunity to hand out wristbands to the students. The wristsbands would identify the students and staff at that particular school who are against bullying, and be a contact for victims should they need someone to talk to. In many cases, the signing of contracts outlining general conduct within the school is .pulsory by the students and their parents, and then both parties are .pletely aware of what is expected of the student throughout the year. A campaign against anti bullying would begin on the first day of term when the students sign a contract in agreement with the rules and regulations of the school with regard to its intolerance to bullying. The rules can be shown in list form, detailing what bullying actually is, how it can be spotted, how to report it, classes available to discuss bullying, how to help the victims, and most important of all, how respect and understanding must be shown to the diversity of cultures within the school allowing everyone to receive the education they are entitled to, regardless of their race or creed. The campaign having anti bullying bands and anti bullying wristbands as a feature will send a definite message to all at the school, that on whatever level, be it physical or verbal, deeds with the intention of demeaning or threatening a person, or actions to make the student withdraw from taking part in daily classes, will simply not be tolerated under any circumstances. As well as being extremely painful bullying can lead to a fear of mixing amongst other people and bring on low self esteem. An anti bullying campaign, which is planned out well before the start of the new school year can provide optimism for those who have suffered from the wrongdoings of bullies in the past. The idea of campaigning should be wel.ed by the educational system and be given full support from the top level administrators along with a proposal to implement anti bullying legislation so children attending the school are able to achieve their goals without the fear of being bullied. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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