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Sports-and-Recreation Airsoft HQ organise Airsoft games at quality venues at some of the top conferencing venues and estates in South Africa. We hope to put some memorable and epic battle scenarios together in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Witbank, Nelspruit and Cape Town. Airsoft HQ has a vision to supply a top notch service to the Airsoft playing society in South Africa as well as the neighbouring states. We .mit to offering exciting game activities, reliable and reputable products, brilliant service, delivery nationwide, immediate responses to enquiries and affordable prices. When first introduced to the sport in 2007, we realised the future of it and instinctively knew that Airsoft can be the new paintball. We felt Airsoft was just perfectly geared for a more mature, thinking player who was concerned with realism, not just in the equipment and weapons but also with the way the sport was played. Airsoft HQ is a newly created subsidiary of MOVERS and SHAKERS Teambuilding Pty Ltd, and it was formed to supply a more .plete product and service offering to the Airsoft .munity. At first we noticed huge value in the corporate team building adventures for our clients and this has proved to be.e incredibly successful – so much so that many of our corporate delegates have decided to take up the sport on a more frequent and serious basis. So we realised the link and gap within a marketplace. Airsoft HQ’s "Tactical Simulation" team building has be.e incredibly popular among .pany event organisers and is additionally offering us an opportunity to dynamically grow the sport of Airsoft into a variety of different .pany environments. We hope to promote the game of Airsoft in a responsible light and develop the base of players in South Africa. We started to supply equipment and accessories to our corporate hobby players and now we’re making these high quality, reputable products available to the whole Airsoft .munity. The response we have experienced to our launch of the Airsoft HQ website continues to be unbelievable and we’ve constantly had to answer the question, "What’s the catch? your selling prices are just too cheap". There’s no catch, we just wish to deal fairly and attain a reputation as the premier Airsoft store and game provider within the country. Already Airsoft HQ is representing industry leading Airsoft manufacturers including Tokyo Marui, King Arms, RealSword, ICS, ASG and Classic Army. We want to be able to provide for the broad spectum of the demands of our target market place, ranging from the novice starting out wanting an affordable, reliable entry level rifle to your discerning Airsoft enthusiast wanting to put money into some thing special for his collection. Our service offering even attracted the attention of other local suppliers such as Garmin South Africa. We agreed to expanded our product offering to cover a whole selection of outdoor equipment all of which might be of interest to the Airsoft .munity as well as other sporting and leisure disciplines. We aim to be a one stop shop for outdoor equipment but with our main focus on the Airsoft fanatic. We hope to promote the game of Airsoft in a very responsible light and expand the base of players in South Africa. We intend to start a corporate league which will stir up unprecedented interest in Airsoft. We’ve made a conscious decision to only represent reputable Airsoft manufacturers and offer reliable top quality Airsoft supplies & products at affordable prices to Airsoft players in South Africa. We further .mit to provide an unexpected top level of service. In order to facilitate this, we’ve set up various payment options on our website and offer countrywide delivery at reasonable rates with full insurance and security approaches as a result of the nature of the product. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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