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90 Fudan Warren drop altar fund trader over 40% loss or face criminal charges Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the simplest way to pick up the money market time just over a year, "Fudan Warren" the title of Liu Zhengtai from the unlimited scenery of 90 fund managers quickly drop altar. Miao Yiwei from the bull market in 2015, the excuse is, "the principal borrowed 20 thousand yuan soared to 4 accounts of the 7 digit assets", to bear cow conversion period of huge losses, even facing criminal charges may. In just a year’s time, "Fudan Warren" the title of Liu Zhengtai from the fame of the 90 fund managers quickly drop altar. More than a year ago, the fund manager or 90 claiming to create "3 years of 10 times earnings stocks myth, is public opinion pampered altar" Fudan Warren "today, the trader, private equity funds and Valet stock accounts are facing huge losses, there may even face criminal charges. "I don’t rely on talent, I eat by speculation." Liu Zhengtai has been outspoken in an interview. In June 2015 from the Fudan University finance professional undergraduate graduation not long after Liu Zhengtai resigned from the Societe Generale Securities Traders rushed to the position, on the stock market. Relying on the accumulation of reputation and contacts during the University, he turned to become a private equity fund manager, and in March this year issued a sun Private Equity Fund – Fu Ying 1. Liu Zhengtai said publicly that he relies on the principal amount of $20 thousand, has received more than 10 times 3 years of income in 2012 to 2015, also acquired the stock market every day "stock market simulation contest awards. In the first half of last year to boost the bull market, the only 24 year old fund manager from the school community "Reds", has become a financial TV guest, he repeatedly in front of the camera about their "stock market experience" to the public: including chase material stocks, focusing on technology analysis and fast and ultra short term method. However, out of the ivory tower, when management is more money, Liu Zhengtai soon hit the market head-on blow. Private line network data show that by Liu Zhengtai as a fund trader who was general Fu Ying’s investment fund 1, since its establishment in March 16th this year, in the same period of the CSI 300 index rose steadily trend, but showed a dismal unilateral downward trend, the net value of the fund in July 29th to the latest disclosure only 0.636, after the data is not updated. Liu Zhengtai himself recently released a public offering to raise funds to open an account of customers, also known as the number 1, the number of surplus fund has been below the net profit of 0.6, the official fund contract has no stop line." On the market, most of the sun’s private equity fund liquidation loss line is generally set at 0.7 or 0.8, why the fund has not taken any measures in risk control? Interface news reporter interviewed on the matter, Liu Zhengtai himself, but when explained what he wanted, Liu Zhengtai hastily hung up the phone. Guotai Junan Securities as custodian side of the fund also failed to respond to the complex surplus fund 1 wind control problems. In addition to the formal fund risk control about whether相关的主题文章:

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