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32 provinces to recruit more than 8000 jobs Changsha recruitment scene original title: 32 provinces to recruit want where to go to Changsha evening news reporter yesterday from the city Changsha talent service center was informed that in November 12th, the Department initiated and sponsored, Changsha people club Bureau hosted the heart Changsha talent service in the fourth session of the inter regional (Autumn) college graduates tour recruitment activities in Changsha Railway Station Changsha talent market (South Gate on the first floor at He Long Stadium), to provide more than 8000 jobs on-site recruitment of 32 provinces and more than 300 enterprises. The recruitment attracted a total of 32 provinces, more than 300 participating employers, covering the north and East, north coast, in the upper reaches of the Yellow River economic region, providing more than 8000 jobs, involving manufacturing, engineering machinery, health, energy and environmental protection, real estate construction, education and scientific research, management, marketing business logistics, tourism and entertainment, Internet technology and other industries, but also attracted Yuanda Group, blue Synopsys, ZOOMLION, a group of friends, and the Sundance long cable leading enterprises to participate in the local electrician. "Hunan college graduates want to go to where employment, basically can find a suitable job in the recruitment meeting."." An enterprise personnel supervisor said. (Changsha evening news reporter Li Jing) recommend Video: reporter dark shot female model recruitment Insider: need to actively meet with men

32省份来长沙招聘 8000余个岗位现场揽才原标题:32省份来长招聘 想去哪里都可以长沙晚报讯 记者昨日从长沙市人才服务中心获悉,11月12日,由人社部发起、长沙市人社局主办、长沙市人才服务中心承办的第四届跨区域(秋季)高校毕业生巡回招聘活动长沙站将在长沙人才市场(贺龙体育馆南门一楼)举行,32个省市区的300余家企业提供8000余个岗位现场揽才。本次招聘会共吸引全国32个省市区、300余家用人单位参与,涵盖东北、东部沿海、北部沿海、黄河中上游等经济区域,提供岗位8000余个,涉及生产制造、工程机械、医疗卫生、能源环保、房地产建筑、教育科研、营销管理、电商物流、旅游娱乐、互联网科技等行业,更吸引了远大集团、蓝思科技、中联重科、友阿集团、圣得西、长缆电工等本地龙头企业参与。“湖南高校应届毕业生想去哪里就业,基本都可在招聘会上找到合适岗位。”一家企业人事主管说。(长沙晚报 记者 李静)推荐视频: 记者暗拍女模特招聘内幕:需积极与男士见面相关的主题文章:

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