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17 Shanghai mountains in Western Zhejiang lost tour pal including 4 German students in the evening of 29 October, including 4 German students, 17 students from Shanghai in Zhejiang Suichang Baima Mountain Tour pal, Forest Park lost in the mountains, the local police immediately organized personnel into the rescue, after several hours of searching, found the already troubled tour pal and their safe, escorted to the station. According to the police, 19:26 on October 29th, Suichang county area, 110 command center received a "Phoenix Villa" boss alarm, said 17 Shanghai tour pal entered the Suichang Baima Mountain Forest Park in the mountains, not according to the agreed return, have been lost. Police found that the deep into the mountains is from Shanghai to Suichang to experience outdoor mountaineering, including 4 foreign tourists. Early morning into the mountain, originally scheduled to go to the top of the white horse down the mountain, after 16 hours lost contact. Suichang Baima Mountain peak elevation of 1621 meters, a radius of 160 km, in the deep mountains and forests lush vegetation, few people tread, even more precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs, familiar with the local terrain of the village and the villagers did not dare to climb the mountain at night, and the temperature has dropped to 5 degrees Celsius, and mountain road walking tour pal, slippery road, if cannot get a rapid and effective rescue, consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Suichang County Public Security Bureau immediately launched the emergency joint disposal plan, the public security, militia and other parties rescue forces rushed from the scene to the scene. At 21:10, the earliest in the mountain search and rescue police report: Zhao Chenjun has found 8 lost 4 foreigners tour pal, among them, the number of tour pal said they had completely unable to distinguish the direction, but in the gully edge place rest, save energy, waiting for rescue. Rescuers also found another 9 lost contact with Alice, many of them injured, sick. 22:50 Xu, search and rescue personnel escort Alice all arrived safely search and rescue command. After the doctor checked the physical condition of all the missing persons, the headquarters ordered all the people to evacuate and arranged for the police to send the tourists to the place of stay. 4 German students continue to express their thanks. Police remind, hobby Adventure Tour pal in outdoor activities, it must be in the local guide, to arrange a reasonable time and with plenty of food, water and basic rescue tools to prevent possible period of want or need.

17名上海驴友在浙西深山失联 包括4名德籍留学生   10月29日夜,包括4名德国籍留学生在内17名来自上海的驴友,在浙江遂昌白马山森林公园的深山里失联,当地警方立即组织人员进山搜救,经过几个小时的搜寻,找到了已经陷入困境的驴友,并将他们安全护送至驻地。   据警方介绍,10月29日19时26分,遂昌县110指挥中心接到辖区民宿“凤凰山庄”老板报警,称有17名上海驴友走进了遂昌白马山森林公园的深山里,未能按约定回程,已失联。   警方获悉,走进深山的是从上海来遂昌体验户外登山运动的驴友,其中包括4名外国游客。清早进山,原定到白马山顶后下山,16时后失去联系。   遂昌白马山主峰海拔1621米,方圆160公里,深山老林内植被茂盛,多悬崖峭壁,人迹罕至,就连熟悉当地地形的本村村民也不敢随意上山夜行,加上此时山区的气温已降至5摄氏度左右,驴友走的又是深山野路,道路湿滑,如不能得到迅速、有效的救援,后果不堪设想。   遂昌县公安局立即启动了应急联动处置预案,公安、民兵等各方救援力量先后从各个方向奔赴现场。21时10分,最早进山搜救的民警赵陈俊报告:已找到8名失联驴友,其中有4名外国人,该批驴友称他们已完全无法辨别方向,只好在山沟边原地休整,保存体力,等待救援。救援人员又找到了另外9名失联驴友,其中有多人受伤、生病。   22时50分许,搜救人员护送驴友全部安全到达搜救指挥部。在医生检查全部失联人员身体状况后,指挥部下令全员撤离,安排民警将驴友送至住宿地点。4名德国留学生不停地表示感谢。   警方提醒,爱好探险的驴友们在进行户外活动时,必须要在当地向导的带领下进行,要合理安排时间并带上充足的食物、水及基本的救生工具,以防不时之需。相关的主题文章:

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